Stop with the constant new exclusives. Hunting is almost meaningless now

It seems like every new creature that comes out now becomes an event exclusive. Does Ludia care about having hunting to be an integral part of the game? The older exclusive creatures don’t even get cycled out so the long list of exclusives just keep piling on. The game is becoming more pay to win as time goes on and it’s killing parts of the game that players loved. Please change this


There too many exclusives that are non hybrids!


Change the new flock back into something that spawns in the wild Ludia

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You know the be$t way to get an exclu$ive?

I $ometime$ wonder why they would do thi$.


It’s pretty crappy that they made this a money grab like this. I’m disappointed.

Now there’s 0 reason to be excited for the new update if you were planning on, you know, actually playing the game in it’s AR type format. When you remove that from the picture, then it’s basically no different from RAID Shadow Legends or Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Super, super disappointing on their end.


Hey @Ned it would be great if you passed along this message: Everyone is tired of exclusives. Ludia and Jam City aren’t fooling anyone. We know exclusives are just cash grabs. I understand they are sometimes necessary but the rate at which they are being released is a slap in the face to the community.


Personally, the only reason I switched from Pokemon to this game is because both had hunting (I love this part) but the fight were better in JWA. But it’s obvious this is turning into pure money grab, and as stated by OP, hunting is basically useless now! You have to wait forever for those exclusive events, and by that time you get one for the dino you want, you have all the other DNA you need anyway without having to go out once. So with hunting gone in JWA, this game lost all it’s appeal to me! So sad to see they are so greedy.