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Stop with the Pop-Ups

The first 20 times for the Pikel pop-up was more than enough!


I agree. Also, after every draft battle, the focus gets changed to the druid event. I don’t have the Druid, so why is his event always popping up?

Pop ups get old very quickly. If I don’t want to buy after five times I won’t after twenty.

the popups I hate the most are for events you already finished. Yes I know there was an events, finished it 2 days ago, stop telling me about it already.

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I am currently get at least 2 pop-ups (related to the new hero) within 5 minutes of opening the app, always at inconvenient times, There are also at least one other occasional pop-up mixed in. The only way I have found to avoid them is to not open the app.

@Ludia_Developers, it is horrendous that you are bombarding players with these adds until they purchase your garbage. This is distasteful marking ploy, one which was essential eradicated from the internet over a decade ago. There was no need to introduce this here. If what you are selling has value people will but. I recommend you resolve this issue quickly. Perhaps you may consider something along the following lines:

  1. Relocate this adds back into the mailbox.
  2. Only do each pop-up once. Although this would still pester players, it may be a suitable compromise.
  3. Opt VIP players out of this corrupt advertising scheme.

It is somewhat interesting that the ongoing connectivity issues commenced almost simultaneously with the introduction of these your questionable pop-ups. While likely not the cause, it would be a grand gesture to clean this up ASAP.

I have been tracking the number of pop-ups since I posted this 9 days ago. Unfortunately, the number of pop-ups encountered seems to be increasing. This is not a good sign for things to come …