Stop With The Swap

I’m just going to keep this post as simple as it can be. Ludia, PLEASE stop adding swappers, we have enough of them 2.15 introduced 3 swap in creatures (2 swap in damage) out of it’s entire 5 creatures. Swappers aren’t inherently bad on their own but when it gets to the point were in every single update theres at least 2 more, yea it gets annoying, especially since creatures whose components don’t have swap get a swap for basically no reason (take parathops, albertocevia, and thylaconyx for example) I’m just tired of seeing so many of these creatures constantly getting put in updates just because they make ludia heaps of cash because to be honest, it’s one of the easiest ways to make a creature overpowered. In an ideal meta there would be a about 2 swap in damage creatures but as of now theres just too many of them and to be honest it’s kind of weakening the game, my solution to this issue would to be to stop adding new swappers and rework a few creatures to were they don’t have swap anymore but are still good creatures (aka the creatures that get swap for no reason)

If you don’t feel like reading this entire paragraph (for good reason) basically in summary ludia should stop adding new swap in damage creatures and should only really be releasing about 1 swap in non damage creature per update


It is annoying when stuff like pre nerf phoursa had a rending swap in and instant rampage , but come on, when a creatures only use is swap in, for example ceramagnus who really cant do mich once swapped in, shouldn’t exist

Just was about to make a thread about this…

Swap In Damage is the problem. Not the creatures. Take Phorurex. When they simply removed the swap in, it went from High Tyrant to somewhere in Elite.

I’m not saying swap in damage shouldn’t exist, I’m just saying ludia should stop constantly make creatures with swap in damage


I’m just gonna drop this here, enjoy. Magnus does more than you think…

(Completely unboosted and this was a week ago, so post nerf)

Seriously. Thylaconyx and A. Cevia did not need swap-in damage. I understand that Fluff Claw is fused from Marlo, so rend is expected, but there’s no reason for it to be a swap-in. And A. Cevia has zero excuse. Albert doesn’t have one and Eevia doesn’t either.

Again, I understand that they want to showcase the new devour mechanic, but literally just make it a regular move.


I mean, bortcevias swap in doesnt pierce armor or shields. Anky lux and anything with shields or armor negates it

Even still, it really doesn’t need it. Phoru’s swap didn’t do those either and that still gave it easy tyrant status. A. Cevia probably has a monstrous attack stat to go with its swap because 1) Ludia and 2) Albert DNA.

Swaps, in principle, are fine. I dislike how they’re given super-priority though. Being able to do something on swapping in is already a big advantage–being able to move before all other moves is an even larger one. If Ludia plans on doing another large-scale overhaul of the game (or even if they don’t), they need to consider having swap moves follow the normal turn order, so something like a base speed Ceramagnus swapping in on a nitro Mortem will eat a hit before using its move.


I love the nicknames you gave them

Thank y’. I pride myself on my nicknames (to a certain extent).