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Stop with the Tournaments, fix your game!


Damage previews for armor and shields are still wrong. Matchmaking still sucks. Speed indicators are still bugged (half the time they’re wrong). You’re still doing global resets instead of making a separate ladder. Cheaters are still on the leaderboards. Alliance chat filters are too strict. Friendly Battles are still bugged. Daily Missions are neigh unobtainable for some people (14 incubators for some people without strike events counting).

Most of these bugs have been around SINCE THE FLYER UPDATE. What are you doing Ludia? Slow down and fix this mess, I can’t understand why you still cram out these tournaments so often when so few people are excited about them anymore.


And who exacty is excited about them? The top 500? Maybe the top 1000?
Therefore I second this post.


Feeling pretty proud here to get to 4560 and bummed no battling again for awhile to stay away from the chaos.


Totally agree! But they have proved many times that they just don’t care about players, about bugs that hinder to play and win battles. No, they just run these tournaments without any willing to fix the bugs.

Their slogan should be “pay, play and shut up”

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I’m sure you wanted to write ‘pay, play and shut up’


I’m top 1000, close to top 500 and definitely not excited about it.


Same here. That’s what I’m asking myself: how many players actually want tournaments - at least the way they are atm?


Why hate on tournaments so much. I agree there is a lot of things that need to be fixed. But hey. If they want to give me free stuff for battling, which I would be doing anyway, I’m all for it. No different when we were getting all the extra free coins. I’ll take whatever they give.

We saw what their priorities are when they fixed the drop issue in 36 hours and most of these other issues have been around for months with no end in sight.

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Yep, you’re right, thanks :slight_smile:


At least the only good thing is that we’re all getting (from 2500 cups) free Diplodocus DNA


I feel like both isn’t too much to ask?

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i wonder if someone in ludia reads these posts.

bugs are multiplying. my daily mission today is asking the last “hit” thing and the number is not going up anymore.

alliance chat is terrible, every time i open game its incomplete and i have to close and re open.

disconnections still exist and the proof is not my network is the workaround to connect faster: closing and re opening app.

spawn locations at exact place of events still exist too.

i still have to choose dinos at about 15 secs remaining in a timer of 30. and friendly battles? lol, many times that count down gets 0 and i didn’t choose my first dino because game was not ready, not opened to choose… sometimes it opens at about 2 sec.

regular capsules are great to get more diplocaulus, after hunting billions of it in map… :confused:

battle balancing system is frustrating. at what planet my velociraptor level 17 will have chance against indoraptor, indominus, velo level 20 and some high level multi-hybrid i can’t remember name?

why i have about 50 dinos to level up and seems i’ll NEVER get coins to level half of them?

this is why game is in top profitable apps… people like it, but its not fair, so they spend dollars to buy the illusion that they will advance in game.


Still trying to figure out how an opponent had back to back pounce with a velociraptor?