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STOP with the "You nerfed ProRat TOO Much" thing

People please understand if you want ludia to do something they will do it hard in your face, so please stop with the " you nerfed ProRat too much" cause you all wanted it.



Um, no. We “all” didn’t want it. As a matter of fact I believe we took a survey not to long ago which clearly indicated that the majority of ppl did NOT want a nerf on ProRat.

It seems though that the squeeky wheel got the grease and the small but loudly complaining minority on this forum got their way.

So the rest of us suffer. Either that or maybe we too should become whiners/whingers to get our way.


Yeah, we didn’t want a Prorat nerf


But I agree the nerf was too big. With 2400 HP he should keep 131 speed. But useless Prorat is still better than op one


Compare To Epic its still Great
Compare to legendary i would say Decent
Compare to Unique its drop off too Quickly.

It’s not great. While not the weakest, best I can say he’s mediocre now

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Well Only Compare to Legendaries Stuff Its mediocre for me. But as An epic Its Kind of Okay.

Procerathomimus was too good. It remains to be seen how she will be under 2.0 though. We shouldn’t get either our hopes up or down until we see her in play later this week.


Wasn’t that survey the same one that said the speedtie sytem was great and that cs wasn’t op? Or am I thinking of a different survey?


Plus not everyone could access it, and some people voted more than once.


That’s why I once made my poll. I don’t want to believe in Ludia’s surveys because:

  1. Some people voted more than once (as you said)
  2. Not everyone had access to it (again, as you said)
  3. We didn’t have access to results, meaning (for example) even if majority wanted to change ties, Ludia could just act like it didn’t
  4. In my survey, only forum users could vote. And it was a nice selection. In Ludia’s surveys, any player (in theory) can vote, even if he just began playing. This leads us to a situation when some could vote even if they didn’t really know what the survey is about. Of course, this could happen in forums too, but in a much smaller number.

I don’t feel bad at all. It was a cheap win creature. You shouldn’t invest all your coins dna and boost into a hybrid knowing it can still get a super hybrid and especially a nerf being as good as it was for an epic against unique and legendary.

Everyone’s creature gets a nerf at some point.


Hey I’m on there!

I think after this will have some say" pls neft monomimus"

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Nah, I doubt anyone will ask to nerf any Dodger ever again. Resilient moves are too good at countering them and too widespread for that.
Besides, Monomimus can be Decelerated now.


Just consider my point here: (Last part of the 2nd par., marked w/ quotation marks)

Lol. No one should ever complain about useless dodgers anymore, but I’m sure they will.

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Was that the survey that ppl are saying some ppl voted multiple times? I know there were a couple of surveys. Even so, 53% is not “all”.

Also the fact they nerfed pro and gave procera a new uni hybrid in the same update is making the slap even harder for pro users.

Don’t you all find it odd that we now have new problematic epic hybrid: thyla?

The forum surveys or opinions should not the way of the game for all of the players.

Isn’t it also kind of odd how every dino that the whiners/whingers asked to get nerfed got nerfed: pro, thor, gemini, yet the ones that they use/love got buffed?

I’d kinda like to know what they are going after next so I know not to invest in it.

Thylacotator is nothing compared to that horrible thing called Allo Gen 2 and Wolly Rhino.

We will have creatures with resistance to Rend … So Thyla is no problem at all.