Stoped buying ingame items and get out matched by 5 to 10 levels every time nice scam!


Nothing like forcing people to buy in game items or be completely useless in matches this game is fixed completely


What arena are you in? And what’s your team look like?

I can assure you that it’s likely a coincidence that you stopped purchasing items and suddenly encountered trouble in the arena. Everyone does at some point or another–it has nothing to do with quantity of in-game purchases.

There are plenty of players here on the forum that would be happy to offer constructive criticism regarding your current team and how you might make improvements.


I’ve noticed that too, I bought at the beginning and had reasonable progress. Then I stopped spending and hit the wall. I think I’ve been outspent and now the game is getting kind of stale at 3600.

It’s basically the same teams over and over, stegaceratops, indomininus, gorgasuchas, tank, tank, raptor


There are no tips to beat 5 to 10 levels higher they are forcing me to purchase to compete and i will not be scammed any more than i already have


I completely disagree; I have not spent any real money on this game whatsoever and still manage to beat creatures that are 5 to 8 levels higher than me on a consistent basis–as are several others here on the forum. No one is forcing you to buy anything, for that matter…it’s your choice whether to spend money or to put in the time darting dinosaurs.

Regardless, if you’re not looking for advice, then I’m afraid no one is going to be able to help you. Best of luck.


Tank your rating by 1000 and you’ll be able to “compete” again. Has nothing to do with spending.


The more you win the higher your rank is, harder it gets.

Everyone is a higher level because you got to a higher rank with skill rather than having strong Dino’s. Consider it a complement that you’re better than the average player.


It’s not a scam. Ludia hasn’t contacted me saying that I should keep spending money just to annoy everyone and drive up their sales. I do it because I want to win. You can still play for free. You just can’t expect to be at the top when you’re surrounded by people who want to spend money to advance.


I have paid for zero incubators and have hit top 500. The only thing i have paid for is vip twice and about 40 bucks on cash to buy coins. The incubators are a waste


Once you hit Sorrena Marshes there will be little to no progress. It is normal as is it is pretty much the final stage.
There is only one arena up but it is filled with numerous powerhouse players with at least 3 / 4 legendaries and lvl 20+ (4k+ trophies) In Sorrena marshes things tend to get a bit boring as it is mostly rock paper scissor with a luck factor who wins and gets an incubator. I think its about a 50 / 50 win loose, but there can be a really frustrating long trophie drops depending what time you play and players you get matched with. The only way out of this is once you will also hit about 3-4 legendaries and high lvl (18-24) dinos. Then with power you can work your way up. Problem is that everyone will keep going up, so there is a good chance you might actually never rise above this arena. Just look at top 500 lowest members already have 4k+ trophies and im guessing there are at least 1000 more players with such scary armies near there in the 4k royale club. I dont want to be discouraging, but i feel with all the players trying hard to fight there way up just too drop 300 trophies down again. Maybe i am wrong but this is how it feels/seems for me. My advice for all players in this boat is to just keep gathering, make your party stronger and try to enjoy Sorrena marshes for what it is.


Now my repies are being blocked good job


My life

Once that dino comes out i’m done for xD I want!


You should counter him pretty hard with anky…you can shield cloak and long defense 50% of his dmg


I am going to post to every forum now that every complaint i have made is being blocked i have proof of everything i have said and will post it ! Enjoy this scam posing as a game


Tank my rating from 2600 really to what ?


I have bought zero incubators and im at 4500 trophies…lol


Keep in mind that chances in this game are not equal. If you have a lot more time or even live in some bigger city you have a lot more stuff around. I have seen parks with 20 ish green event supply or roads full of supply for example. Imagine how easy some people can cap gold everyday or farm dinos.


I haven’t spent a dime on this game and just hit 3500 trophies today. The game isn’t targeting you for not spending, it’s the other players that chose to keep spending that are your issue.


@steven_giard You have a bad combination of angst and paranoia; that’s what’s getting you filtered, not a “scam.” Please read the forum rules posted for more information as to why you might be flagged; being filtered is much more common, but happens to all of us. The filter-frustration is shared amongst us all equally.

You’ve hit a more competitive arena. You’ll find predominantly two types of players here: smart players, with your dinosaur level that aren’t easy to beat, and powerhouse players whose dinosaurs seem overleveled (and a mix of both, naturally). Arena 7 slows down for virtually everyone, and that’s just because it’s where endgame starts.


If you kept winning you’d end up in the top 10 then complain about people with Unique dinosaurs being hackers or something.