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Stopped criticizing his three amphibians!

we are not going to lie, some amphibians are hideous … in short … koolasaurus … and some level 40 looks are just bad, especially the level 40 of gryposuchus, too bad he is very cool … but stopped to criticize diplotator, it is not ugly! he is very cool! with its peaks, its two horns etc … diplosuchus is also magnificent, I do not see that there is ugly in him! and finally … stopped criticizing the look of KAPROSUCHUS GEN 2 !!! its look is too beautiful, it looks like a dragon, fire … in short … I find that its look is cooler than the one from the original! I just want to show you how much he doesn’t deserve this!


We all are entitled to our opinions. If you like those amphibians, that’s fine. But you don’t need to make a topic about it, and try to get people to silence their own opinions. That’s just not right.


I know, but I’m fed up with (diplotator is horrible), (it sucks the kaprosuchus gen 2), (it’s horrible a diplosuchus) … because I love them :sob:

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everyone can keep his opions, but at least he stops criticizing them on the wire … I would have understood if Koolasaurus could have been :sweat:

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It’s fine to have your own opinion. I love all 3 myself. But you don’t need to make a topic over it. If you want to argue, next time you see a post, say how you think they are good in an adult manner, and if they disagree that’s to be expected. What you don’t do is this. Acting like an 11 year old will not help you out here. I’m not trying to be mean, all I’m saying is that if you want to speak your opinions, do it in a respectful manner, and respond to the post directly, instead of making a separate thread that might not reach its intended audience.


good, ok then … :sweat:

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Super-Koolaid is so cute, stop insulting him

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You know we just finished arguing about not doing childish arguments, and then you pull this.


Sorry, just needed to defend super-koolaid honor!

That’s fine, but did you need to mock his argument? You could have gone:

But look at how cute Super Koolaid is!

I was not insulting him, it was ironic, a joke
:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Ok. Well can we agree to leave the past in the past?

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No problem.

I don’t think Kapro Gen 2 is ugly I just wish it wasn’t just a red reskin of Gen 1

Yeah, you’re right @Indominusrexgen2 , after all that’s the name of the yarn!

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and it is true that he should have given it a second color … red and blue, would have been too cool!

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