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Stops being removed


There is a big old green space (labelled as a park on g maps), linked to a school, that up until earlier had 3 event stops on it (2 on the green, 1 in the school).
The stops on the - publicly accessible - green have now been removed, leaving one stop in the school, not on the green space, that can’t be reached without trespassing.
Why has that refresh happened? Frustrating doesn’t even come close :frowning:


Hey Specialf, I’m sorry to hear about that, our team is always making changes for Supply Drops so they’ll be more convenient for our players.

Our team would like to investigate this further, could you please email them here with your support key and the following information?

-Longitude and Latitude
-Screenshot of the Supply Drop
-Street name and nearest cross street name


Noticed that aswell… On my daily route theres now 1 stop thats gone missing and the other one has been moved right next to abother one up the street. Also noticed other places that stops are gone…