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Storage of Decorations

As much as I am grateful for Ludia to add in some quality of life improvements, may I suggest that the newly added Decorations Storage button have an option to store only the decoration selected? An example would be to store all the John Hammond Statues I own on Isla Sorna when I select one of them to be stored. This will be much more flexible when players are trying to rearrange our parks slightly and not completely store every decoration that we have on that island.


Yes, we really need this.:+1:

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Yes this should be top priority, I accidentally did this on Isla Sorna but imagine if I’d done it on nublar would’ve taken me hours to put everything back in place


Me too and several players😱, now i cleaned my sorna only for put my hammonds and apatos in market

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Accedentally placed all my dinosaurs when testing out new features, what a waste of time lol.

+1 - This would provide more flexibility while still allowing folks who are doing some redecorating to save time.