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Store explanation please

A “Special” offer indicates 240% value but when you breakdown the value it’s not even close.
Offer is for 47.49 which is the equivalent of 7000 gems in value. 240% of 7000 is 16800 gems.

Offer is for 80000 gold and 2 Red boxes. you cant directly translate the values due to not having exactly the same quantities available in store so I’ll use 100000 gold (4500gems) and 2 Pink boxes (better rewards than Red boxes). This totals only 10500 gems which at best is 150% value and that while over valuing the gold and boxes.

How can this be considered acceptable?

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And again. 265% which is barely 100%!!!
Seriously how are you calculating these %.

The points are made up and dont really matter

It’s called false advertising and in most developed countries it’s illegal.
This opens them up to large revenue losses and possibly even legal action.
@Devs Honesty is the best policy guys!

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305% stated 120% reality.