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Store hybrid bundles

Something seems off. It says we get a minimum epic dna, but it also has legenday and unique hybrids in the incubator with the epic hybrids. Is this correct?


Yeah I saw this too… seems something is not right

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Also why no FIP Bundles… :sweat:

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I think that means there is a chance to get Unique or Legendary DNA. I’ve gotten Legendary DNA from a regular epic inc from strike towers so this is probably the same thing. Still not worth it imo.


There is a small chance of getting those, but the offer is still not worth it. It’s like how you sometimes get epic dna in rare incubators


Its rather on par with Ludia’s history as a gambling company. Seems now they like players to pay to play games of chance with their DNA payout.

I initially was tempted to buy a few but realised they are overpriced for what you get compared to a regular inc sale of the same price. If it was 250 Suchotator DNA and a rare inc then its worth considering.


Why would 250 Suchotator and a Rare Incubator be better? That would be garbage compared to what it already is

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The epics are not even good epics. They are hybrid epics. Also the odds are all hidden. For all we know the legendary could be 0.9% and the uniques are 0.01%.

Someone in my alliance got a bunch of Spinoconstrictor dna

Me and my son bought the 15 dollar ones just one each he got 250 DNA of the unique sabertooth! I got 250 of the unique deer which was the last unique I needed so not bad wasnt expecting that at all!


Ok. i may now spend the money. none of my uniques are lve 30, so any dna will be a plus.

Where are they in the shop, I only see 4th of July offers?

They were in the banner at the very top.

Wher is the banner, LOL

The thing at the top above the other incubators.

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Just saw them:)