“Store” improvements

So, today I was working with a free chest, and sold what minor items the vendor was buying and looked and what less-than-useful items he was selling. Then I scrolled down to consider what I could spend gems on…and then considered just buying some gold with the few gems I had. Oh, but not so fast…

But as you can see, unless I had 500 gems (I rarely have more than 250), you couldn’t buy coins with your gems. It’s generally a bad idea not to let users make low-end trade ins. Always keep the low-end option for players who are still working their way up.

Build a mechanism for players to sell the old, useless, common cards they will never, ever use again. You can buy them really cheap, but give the player something for them.

Give players more control over things they can buy in the store. As they progress, Rare cards should be more readily available, when they’re no longer using commons and tend to be using epic gear and higher.

When players aren’t able to have more control over their fate, they start to lose interest because of the RNG nature, and play less.

So, just my $0.02. You are the ones who have to make a living at this; but without players, there’s nothing to make a living from.


I agree with you, I saw the same thing today. Ruins the economic eco system. I will probably uninstall soon if this isn’t fixed. I’ve been watchingetting what other users are saying too, I was enjoying this game and I was waiting for something like this to ruin it, now that I have a few weeks into this game.

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There’s normally a cheaper gem for gold option (60?) just that there’s a VIP special on currently. Also you’ll find you need those common cards to level up equipment for for XP. Early on you’ll sell a few common for gold, but XP starts to become the rare commodity.

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At some point, it’s not economical to continue to upgrade commons when you have level 4’s and 5’s in all the gear. That’s gold that can be spent on rares or epic upgrades, or eventually character leveling. That, or I have to buy dungon runs so I can get (hopefully) 52XP a character (and then not get my 50GP back out of the run.)

I have to agree about how the game slowly becomes less and less playable when you’re not buying gems or have a play2not-grind subscription or whatnot. When you can’t level a character once a week, it’s no longer something that holds attention, really. You have to ram yourself against the necessary evil of PvP just to get a handful of gold an a few common cards. The balance is way out of whack when you gt up to that level 7 and 8, the leveling curve is way too high. And when you can’t buy the low end gold, it just makes you even less interested in coming back. Seriously.

I see its back up today 60 gems for a 1000k gold, but it heartbreaking, to ge r 8 chests after pvp and only get 60 gold back, that let’s me know I need to do something else other than pvp. I mean each chest by themselves are half of that, doesn’t make sense, unless you were trying to make this game profitable. Every now and then they are nice to you, but anyone gets tired of that and leaves.


I agree, @FearOneThing, the PvP chests are just a ‘necessary evil’ because the system doesn’t work horribly well and is problematic when it’s working ‘right.’ Since there are no XP gains from any of the PvP, you’re expected to use the common cards that come out of it to upgrade your common stuff (using your gold to do that) to increase XP gains for characters.

It’s back down again they change things so much, it’s like they knew I was going to buy gems.

And back up, @FearOneThing. Apparently, they need some extra cash this weekend.

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