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Store Pricing: What Exchange Rates Does Ludia Use?

In talking with some of my alliance mates and comparing prices for the things in store, the pricing seems very odd (I know this is nothing new). Take the $99.99 (USD) for 15,000 HC. It’s £105 (GBP) which at the current exchange rate a la Google is about $135. In Norway, that offer is kr 1199,00 which is roughly $131. In The Netherlands it’s 109,99 euros, about $123 (I’m not sure if this is the across-the-board price in euros or if it varies by country). And in Russia it’s rub 8490, about $134. Even accounting for the possible addition of VAT, which should be about 20 - 25% for these four countries as far as I understand it, these numbers don’t make sense. (And does VAT exist for virtual things?)

I’d be curious for others from around the world to comment with their prices too.

Am I just missing something here? Or do the prices Ludia is charging in different countries simply not equate? Obviously exchange rates fluctuate constantly, but these are all significantly higher. (Disclaimer: I am nowhere near a financial expert; this is why I’m wondering if I’m just missing something - additional taxes? - or if this really just doesn’t jive.)

In Belgium it’s 114,99 euros, or about $129. Note that VAT for Belgium and The Netherlands is 21% …

Still hashing through this with alliance mates and other friends … The Netherlands pricing is 109,99 euros, while Belgium and France are 114,99 euros. Netherlands and Belgium have VAT of 21%, France is 20%. Are there just other taxes involved here to make up the seemingly strange differences?

Also, do those of us in the US pay state sales tax on in-game purchases? (And also, if so, perhaps that’s a Google/Apple thing rather than a Ludia thing.) I live in a state with no sales tax.