Store review. Dragons bugging when petted

For some reason, the whole game goes on smooth and easy, having lots of fun, but whenever I go to pet whatever of my dragons, them all twitch uncontrollably being really buggy. Isn’t a life threat, but it does kind of ruin the pleasure of petting your dragon, it doesn’t happen in ANY other part of the game. There’s anything to can do about it?

Hey AtroxTheBeast, if you have any background apps opened, try closing them and see if that helps. You could also try clearing the cache on your device. However, only do this if your game is linked to your Facebook or Google Play account.

I did try that and I had nothing opened on the background. I did link my Facebook account but keeps giving that weird bug no matter what I try. Is why I came here, cause was confusing me a bit.

Our team would be happy to investigate this further if you reach out to them here at with your device information and your support key. :slight_smile:

Done. Thank you so much.

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