Stored up rare dna


Whats everyone else got for rares with just insane amounts of dna? :joy: i have a lvl 14 raj, 14 sino and postmetridon is already max dna while i try to find barrys (i cant find them) and i only have like 1.5k metridon dna so my posty dna is wayyyyy more than i need


LOL never got that much rare DNA. Look that Tuojiangosaurus!!!


He spawns a lotttttt here and i only got maybe 6 total from the event :joy: its too bad hes useless to me right now since im nowhere close to either of his hybrids


Should still level him up when you can so you don’t need to spend a tonne of coins when you need him.


Im already dead on coins as is sadly. I just spent the 40k to get trag to 20 and now gotta get ready to spend 30k on a 19 indom if i find a rex soon or when rex is in event lol

I wish i had as many coins as some people have cause i could turn my stegod from 23 to 25 with the amount of dna i have hoarded for him rn lol

I still gotta get rajs hybrid even started and then get it to 20 so i got time plus find anky dna cause i just now got him tk 15 as well :joy:


Some of these get used quite a bit for hybrids but I still try to keep their numbers up. And some I just grab a lot of because they’re everywhere and I might want to use it one day.


Just sitting on dna now since raptors are kind of in the dumpster now.



Jesus :joy: thats a lot of dna