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Storing / withholding dino DNA for later levels of game!


I kept getting the stuffing knocked out of me left, right & center by higher level players i fought against in battles charging out with something like a level 22 plus dino team against my crappy little level 12 or slightly higher dinos, killed every dang time and very quickly too i might add ! so i thought stuff it i need more powerful dinos so how do i go about it and it was like someone finally turned on the light bulb inside my dang fool brain at long last. the answer was really basically simple actually …>>> store / stock up on your dino dna until you have something like 7,000 to 8,000 dino dna above what the next level up actually requires you to have ( to level up it says you need 200 of nominated dinos dna, but hold back and keep it hidden in the cupboard for later use. i held back on my dino dna and as much as i wanted to let rip i restrained myself from doing so and built up my dna stores to something like 9,000 dino dna above what i needed instead of the 200 dino dna the game was asking for. sure enough it started to reap the benefits of the game almost immediately once i started using the stored dna to level up my dino’s. once more i am doing the same thing yet again building up my dna stores until i am well above what is needed to level up my dinos to higher levels in the game. battles became easier to win, plus i could now also utilize the many and varied strengths of the individual dinos against higher level opponents and actually start winning battles again ! so if you want to get back at those higher level players tossing a level 22 plus dino up against your crappy little level 12 or level 14 dino then go the way i did believe me it will all be worth it in the end !!


That doesn’t make sense!