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StormCutter 5 star glitched

For some reason I got him for the Watchful Wednesday Draft i got The Tempestuous Scalestrom and well when i trained him for the 1st time it went to a 2 star dragon but then it was stuck at level 1 for some reason like the level wont go up i feed it like 30 dragons or something and still wont go up here photos of what i mean

This is what its was at once i got it and once i trained it the 1st time i got this

and this is what its at now

like i said it keep staying at level 1 and wont go up

Interesting. It does loom like it is progressing despite level not changing. It makes me think it is just a display glitch. I wonder if you eventually got it up to two stars via levelling if it would then act normal.
However that is a lot of fish for an experiment. Have you contacted support?

Hey Marcus_The_Eliatrope, could you email our support team those screenshots along with your support key here at so they can take a closer look? Thanks!

well now its like level 6 now it only took 6 4 start dragons and like 35 ither dragons

Hi Marcus,

I would recommend not feeding the four star dragons to your five start dragons (assuming that’s what you did, if not please ignore me). The four star dragons have much more important uses later, e.g. breeding and used to train four star dragon of the same species beyond two stars.



well i got the same 4 star dragon over and over again hint the reason why i used it

To train a five star dragon to beyond three stars, you’ll need duplicate five star dragon as a “sacrificial lamb” type of thing, to train a four star dragon beyond two stars you’ll need at least one duplicate four star dragon per training. Since it is very difficult to acquire three of the same five star dragons, or even two, it can be more practical to save up your four star dragons so you can at least have a strong roster of fully trained four star dragons. Plus a lot of four star dragons have really good power moves, whereas many five star dragons have inferior power moves but higher bp due to the additional 70 levels for the last star.

Also for breeding, since you won’t be able to use a dragon in breeding as part of your roster, it’s better to keep spare four/five star dragon just for breeding, as this is only way to acquire four/five star dragons in the game without spending money.


Once you have more than 4 of the same 4* you may as well use them to feed I must have eaten 20 revengers so far

1 to max 2 as feeders to max and 1 just in case you want to breed the same dragon after that it’s just a waste especially when levelling dragons from 4 to 5 stars