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Stormcutter Breeding Results


Here are my results after breeding the Stormcutter Tripfire 74 times. I stopped breeding Tripfires because I now have two Gloomleers. I got my second Gloomleer from a premium card obtained from beating the boss on the Storyboard Quests.

I am trying to get my third Gloomleer by breeding the two Gloomleers that I have. Though it seems it will take me a very long time to succeed. Especially since the breed time is 16 hours.

The results below seem pretty straight-forward but it seems to me like there is some hidden modifier at play. I don’t think the results are just based off of set percentages.

I can’t prove it but it seems like there is a hidden modifier that sometimes greatly increases the odds for a success. For example, I got my Fireshrike on the 2nd attempt of breeding two 3-star Deadly Nadders. I got a Fendmender on the 5th attempt. And I got my Bombwelter on the 1st attempt.

It would be nice if the developers could post the actual algorithm used in breeding.

Anyways, below are my results.

3-star Tripfire + 3-star Tripfire =
1% 4-star Gloomleer
14% 3-star Tripfire
85% 2-star Serene Stormcutter

3/04 10:15PM Serene
3/09 2:00AM Serene
3/11 2:00AM Serene
3/11 8:00AM Serene
3/11 4:00PM Tripfire
3/11 8:00PM Serene
3/12 5:30AM Serene
3/12 10:00AM Tripfire
3/12 2:15PM Serene
3/12 7:30PM Serene

3/12 11:15PM Tripfire
3/14 4:15AM Tripfire
3/14 9:30AM Serene
3/14 1:30PM Serene
3/14 5:45PM Serene
3/15 2:15AM Serene
3/15 7:15AM Serene
3/15 11:30AM Serene
3/15 4:00PM Serene
3/15 8:15PM Serene

3/16 8:30AM Serene
3/17 1:45PM Tripfire
3/17 6:00PM Serene
3/17 10:00PM Serene
3/18 6:00AM Serene
3/18 10:00AM Tripfire
3/18 7:30PM Serene
3/18 11:30PM Serene
3/19 5:40AM Serene
3/19 9:45AM Serene

3/19 1:45PM Serene
3/19 5:45PM Serene
3/20 12:00PM Serene
3/20 4:00PM Serene
3/20 8:00PM Serene
3/21 10:45AM Serene
3/21 3:15PM Tripfire
3/22 12:15PM Serene
3/22 4:15PM Gloomleer !!!
3/23 4:30PM Serene

3/31 3:30PM Serene
4/04 11:40AM Serene
4/04 3:45PM Serene
4/04 7:45PM Serene
4/05 10:15AM Serene
4/05 2:15PM Serene
4/06 10:15AM Serene
4/06 2:30PM Serene
4/07 11:30AM Serene
4/07 3:30PM Serene

4/08 11:30AM Serene
4/08 3:30PM Serene
4/11 12:15PM Serene
4/11 4:15PM Tripfire
4/12 12:30PM Tripfire
4/13 2:15PM Serene
4/14 12:00PM Serene
4/14 4:00PM Serene
4/15 12:00PM Serene
4/16 2:30PM Serene

4/16 6:30PM Serene
4/17 2:45PM Serene
4/18 11:00AM Serene
4/18 3:15PM Serene
4/18 7:30PM Serene
4/19 3:00AM Serene
4/19 11:00AM Serene
4/19 3:00PM Serene
4/20 11:00AM Serene
4/20 3:00PM Serene

4/21 2:00PM Serene
4/21 6:00PM Serene
4/23 9:30AM Tripfire
4/23 1:30PM Serene

Breeding Chance Data and Results

What no percentage breakdown? Gonna make us do our own maths? :joy:


I agree the chances of breeding good dragons is to low I have breed 2 revengers together 50 times or more and haven’t even got anything better than 3 stars


You can’t expect to breed all the best dragons straight away when the game is only a few months old, otherwise the game would get boring pretty quickly with nothing to do…