Stormfly or easter b&b?

Ho guys,
Just as title says: Which One Is stronger?

How much strong hit Is Better than +40% damage? And what about the other abilities?

If I don’t take stormfly, I can still take dragons like scarbearer, 35%, and the 5* deathgripper, 32%. Both acceptable. I can make do with these.
But 320% damage, well, it’s even much more powerful than any other dragon. And 3 turns of strong hits, it’s three times as long as the other dragons’s abilities.
Before I see 320%, and 3 turns, I think it’s useless. But these two numberss are just too shocking. I think it’s great after seeing these two numbers.
Not taking stormfly doesn’t mean not taking any other dragons with take x% increased damage ability. But all the replacement for easter bnb are significantly too much weaker than it.

Stormfly vs alphas and Easter Barf and Belch for everything else.