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Maybe I’m just not far enough in the game, but is Stormfly available? If not, will she also be an event dragon like toothless and the Light fury? Stormfly is definitely one of the dragons I’d like on my team.

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I’m thinking she’s an event dragon. Don’t know when she’ll appear, though. I can’t wait for it. Stormfly us my favorite Dragon.


@Eonainwe just like with me and Light Fury, Stormfly is an event dragon. She will come as an event for 10 days sometime in the near future maybe. Hopefully this helped!

  • Toothless
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I hope so! I’d like a 5 ☆Deadly nadder and Stormfly is just a great dragon.

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I just hope, if she is an event dragon, she wont be too difficult to acquire and she comes soon


Hello @Eonainwe,

I can confirm that just like Stormfly, other Rider Dragons will appear in the game as events in the near future.