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Stormlight Nadders - Clan Recruiting ACTIVE members (16/25)


Hey everyone, my clan Stormlight Nadders is recruiting a few more members. We are looking for some new friends who want to work together to defeat the alphas with us. We are currently on 3-stars since we are a newer clan, and I am looking to help out people who may be in the 2500-3500 range and can’t join the more competitive clans.

I am online multiple times a day and will check for recruits. My clan is private - if you search us up and request to join I will accept! You can also drop your in-game name here or message me and I will add you. Just looking for people who want to join any kind of clan and work together to defeat the alphas, no power level requirement ^^ The only requirement is a good attitude and a passion for dragons (and the ability to at least hit each alpha once)!

I have updated this post on 5/6, as our clan has now been able to face 3-star alphas and we would like more members who want to keep going. Comment or send me a message!


How about you just join my strong active clan DragonTitans we have 6 spots I kicked people out for not attacking alphas.


Thank you, but I want to keep my clan! Im not looking to join another, just looking to recruit clanless riders.

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I sent a request, from Vala. I need a clan that can defeat Alphas with me. I can usually do 50k-70k damage per alpha run.

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Awesome! I accepted you! No pressure to be super active or anything, we are generally a quiet group but do make sure to attack the alpha every day. Excited to have you! :smiley:

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Bump! Still looking for some more members. We are not looking to have a huge clan just yet since we are still working on moving up in alpha stars, but we would love to have some more folks. Have a great day! :heart_decoration:

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Another bump. We got a couple more members and are on 2 star alphas now but still need a bit of help. Feel free to send me a message!

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Bump! We have just defeated our first 2☆ alpha. If you are looking for a clan but arent a high BP yet and still want to do alpha battles, feel free to come join us!

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BUMP! We have grown quite a bit as a clan in the past week and are now on 3star alphas, but we would still like to find more members.


Bump! Still recruiting some more members. We can make it through 3* alphas, and get close with 4*s, but we need your help!

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