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STORMLIGHT NADDERS is recruiting ACTIVE players!

Hi all! I made a post back when my clan was tiny, but now my post is different.

My clan Stormlight Nadders is recruiting. We have about 15 active players who play every day (22 members total) and are looking for people who can help us take down 5* alphas - we need a little more push to get through, as we can easily defeat 4*.

What we need:

  • Active players who will be on daily
  • Willing to join the Discord (don’t need to talk, clan chat is just not great)
  • A fun, friendly attitude - we are not a top clan, but we do want to keep winning
  • NO BP REQUIREMENT, as long as you are working on improvement

We have an active Discord and are all very friendly folks. Send me a message if you’re interested! I am acheyri#4948 on Discord and also will be checking here.

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Yes i will join

What’s your username? I can add you :slight_smile:

I applied. BP 4870, please approve.