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Storuman is recruiting!

Storuman alliance was founded the same day alliances started in JWA! Some of the members are still the same. Many have joined but also got lost on the way!
We are now seeking new members to join our friendly and casual alliance!
We have currently three open spots and are willing to offer them to the brave ones that swear to be loyal, active and do their ten takedowns in the tournaments.
We have an active discord and a Facebook group. We help each other with DNA donations and have strategies for all raids.
So if you are looking for a fun place to be and enjoy the game as you want, don’t hesitate to apply!
Contact miasamba#8459 on Discord and you might be our new Storuman friend!

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We now have 2 open spots so send me a message here or on discord if you are interested.

We are a friendly and casual alliance, the only rules we have is that you are active and don’t be offline for more than 3 days and do the 10 takedowns in Tournaments. We got tier 8 last tournament.