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Story Mission, 25 lvl 31+ "amphibious"

1st, i won’t say amphibians because it is just incorrect, not sure why they don’t use amphibious instead.

Back on topic

This mission is gonna take a while unless i just level up a bunch of commons. At my current park state i’m not a huge fan of spending DNA on things that are not overly useful in the long run especially things that i will acquire over time just through typical game play. I have every amphibious creature from all the legendaries down through the commons at lvl 40 and 2 of a few. The only 2 i don’t have at lvl 40 are the rare hybrids. But even if i make a lvl 40 Nundagosaurus and then make 2 lvl 40 Diplotators so i have 1 in stock and one ready for S-hybrid, then also get another lvl 40 Postosuchus and another Kaprosuchus so i have 1 in stock and 1 ready for their hybrids that would still only be at 21 of 25

I’m all for story missions and them taking a while but IMO this one is just the game making you waste your DNA while i would much rather be using it for other things.

Ill probably just semi ignore the mission for now and see what kind of creatures i can collect from typical day to day play, maybe get lucky and get a few to finish up some i have sitting around at lvl 30. I even started doing more modded pvp in hopes of winning a few Diplotators but have had no luck.

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I just won 1 Diplotator today ,problem is,I cannot hatch any of the great creatures I win for a few days,2*T Rex Gen 2 and 1 Regular T Rex and a Rajastega occupy it. I had to lose my spinoraptor due to the same

Do you actually do missions to level up? Or for the sense of accomplishment you gain over completing them? I am at level 65,not even completed the mission that demands 8 maxed pterosaurs and 8 maxed carnivores,cause it gives only 53,000 XP and each individual mission in my daily missions gives me about 3800,and I have 8 missions everyday,so that equates to 3800 XP every day,so what is the reasoning to do them?

I did the missions to level up.

Only a hand full of “turd” missions like this one.

If you do the math, the DNA for 8 commons (190*8) is 1520. 1 Postusuchus is 1650.

Also, the full common dino groups will produce a reasonable amount of coins for the investment. It will also increase the code 19 rewards unless you store all of your commons before code 19s.

Over the long term, commons will pay it back.

Most of the missions get completed without much fuss so it is easy enough to just do them to progress the story and collect some XP in the process. So the ones that require you to collect coins, hatch this, feed that, buy build this ect… get finished fairly easily with just a little attention.

Even some of the earlier creature requirement ones are not all that bad as there are enough creatures that you need and or should have to level up anyway. This one on the other hand requires you to have duplicates of several unless you are at the point where you are getting several tournament, legendary hybrids and VIP’s to lvl 31+. I am not at that point in the game yet so I am stuck making duplicates, at least a few of them will be useful in the long run.

Early in the game and even now i always hold off on making any hybrid until i have a duplicate at lvl 31+, that made the early creature requirement missions a little easier to finish quickly.

@anon43877113 yaa I’m also on that mission. Whenever I level up, I use John hammond statue tactic.

“Amphibious” is an adjective, so it’s not a stand-alone descriptor for a creature. While “amphibian” is a noun, so more comparable to “carnivore”, “herbivore” etc. which are also nouns.

I’m not 100% sure all the amphibians in the game are accurate to that genus, but at least they are all ambulatory on 4 legs, which I know is true of all amphibians.

Well In theory, the “true amphibians” would be all salamanders and animals that look like frogs…

Amphibians typically undergo some form of metamorphosis in their life time and they have a moist skin with no scales or osteoderms. So basically none of the crocodilian type creatures in the game are amphibians.

Although amphibious may not be a noun i still believe it is a much better term to fit the creatures in this category.

I think most of the reptilian type ones though are hybrids, of which one of the creatures used was a true amphibian. So yeah, more accurate to call it an “amphibious hybrid” as the creature itself is not strictly an amphibian, but would have some amphibian attributes.

Ostaposaurus is an amphibian hybrid because microposaurus is a salamander :astonished:

some prehistoric amphibians have scales such as acanthostega, mastodonsaurus…

I’m not talking about hybrids for obvious reasons but many of the suchus creatures in the game are more reptilian and not considered amphibians at all.

Sarcosuchus, Nundasuchus, Postosuchus, Prestosuchus, Kaprosuchus. And then the Metriorhynchus.

Oh yeah you are right… yeah those are not amphibians either. Not sure what word could be used to encompass both creature types in one. They are too disparate on the taxonomic tree.

What is the mission?

“Out of service”

Have 25 Amphibians at level 31 or higher

Buy and place a mosasaurus Sculpture

Move an Amphibian besides a Pterosaur

I don’t know what chapter or whatever it is from, that’s all i got.

You could call them false crocs.

The koolasuchus escapes the rule of suchus lol


His hybrid, it’s more suchus