Story Mission 46.8 "All in the Family"

To the keepers of the spreadsheet, “Complete Battle Stage 70” is missing from Story Mission 46.8


You could make a thread with updated story missions, so it’s not becoming several threads.

You will see a few bugs along the way in missions. Luckily, I caught the some of the worst ones and Ludia fixed them, like hatch 1 million pterosaurs!! I hope you have smooth sailing. When you finish these missions, you will be so relieved. Since we have the Season Pass now, it keeps us busy. Oh, and some of the future battles can be nasty too, and then others are just too easy.

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1 million pterosaurs ahahahahhaha

Well I know they have changed the missions at least once so I figure what I am seeing is just updates by Ludia or else stuff that got missed by the spreadsheet folks.

As for my progress through them, I will pause at 52.4 “Upward battle” because a lvl 31 Indom. rex would jack up my ferocity.

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It is a bug, apparently it should be a level 21, nonetheless that’s where I have been paused at for months and not worrying about it.

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Yeah. That will be my endpoint. The other option is to have an Indoraptor, which of course is more damaging to ferocity balance.

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