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Story Mission - Episode 37, 38, 39, 40, 41 Screen shots

Story Mission - Episode 37 Screen shots:


Episode 38 screen shot (English)


Episode 39 screen shots


Excellent friend, I will get stuck in episode 41, I need a t rex at lvl 40 so I’ll be there for a while.

You’re screen shots have been a major help to me!

I’ll see if I can keep carrying the torch while you are stuck.

Edit I think you were missing 39, “I want the hd”

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That is all folks. I have a lev 37 trex to be Lev 40, but I don’t have the hatchery space or Dino bucks to hatch a new trex right now. Maybe I’ll get one in a gold pack on Tuesday or Thursday. :confused:

Got a trex in today’s event. Missions to return Friday!


I’m getting kind of creeped out… who is editing my thread title?

I’m glad to know that I help you friend. As you mention I could not take a capture. The community will be grateful that you continue uploading the missions, including me.

Advance in the t rex mission, however I got stuck in a couple, one mission requires:
8 maintenance stations
The other needs
1 variopinto maze.

I did not upload the captures since you are uploading them now but I could put here what I consider to be late so I can help you and then delete them so you can update your post

Thanks for the heads up. I have 6 maintenance stations, got 2 more cooking now!

My entire second island is all buildings and just a couple of dinos.

My t-rex might be bought out today depending on the other dinos in my market.

Sorry to creep you out @Timmah just trying to keep up with what the post is changing to. Most folks are doing single posts for each episode so that way if folks are searching for it they will be able to find it in the title. I am just trying to make sure the title is representative of the content in the post.


I didn’t want to spam the forum with a bunch of threads, and I was adding the episodes to the title as I completed them, vs started adding them.

If you think it is best, I can create a thread for each one?

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It’s fine either way, as long as the title gets updated.

I’d probably start a new thread every 5 episodes or so, just so they aren’t all crammed on one thread… that will make it a bit easier for those of us that are taking these and moving them to the spreadsheet.

We may need to double-check these from time to time… I already discovered a change in the most recently added ones at the end… thankfully for the better! The mission requiring you to do 3 gyrospheres has been changed to just one. Yeah!! I was very thankful as well to discover you didn’t have to win the thing, just “collect” a prize which you get for any participation. As I totally bombed the darn thing… reminds me why I never ever do those unless it’s a cheaper one, and where I know going in what the strategy needed to win it is.

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Does this mean you got off the level 40 Indominus rex/11+ Indoraptor?

Lol, you caught that huh? :slight_smile: Yes, I decided to level up my I-Rex to unlock that mission and then made the Indoraptor … only to just turn around and sell it off for the DNA to bring my AFS back down again. Used it for the last boss event so that was fun. But somehow missed that within just a few missions, another one shows up that requires winning 3 battles using the Indoraptor! Arrgh! So thinking I may make another and this time hang onto it a bit longer and see how things go with my PvEs (leaving my Infinity battle open and uncompleted as that’s the only one that if I can’t complete it, I’m kind of screwed until I can level more stuff up). Even if I have to sell off the second one too though I still have enough s-DNA to fill my whole paddock with lvl 10’s (and then some!) when I am ready.

Hhm, this makes me wonder if anyone else has ever created the Indoraptor and then immediately turned around and sold it. Can’t be many players nutty enough to do that. Let alone considering doing it again!!

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Title shots courtesy of Past His Prime’s YouTube channel

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Made it to Episode 37 myself. The big gap is closed


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4