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Story Mission - Episode 42, 43, 44, 45 Screen shots


Episode 43

More soon after I hatch a steggy.


Looks like my comment on the other thread about changes to these missions was right… comparing these to what was on the original story mission list, there are a bunch that have been changed… most are reductions in the amounts needed to complete the mission (fewer coins needed, fewer dinos, etc.)

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Glad to see you came back with the catches my friend. Just today I finished the stegoceratops mission, but I stopped at the next mission because I need one more Jurassic arcade. The mission asks for 5.

Ha, figures, I have 4.

Episode 44

Edit: I’ll post screen shots in a bit, but I’m now stuck on 25 amphibians at level 31 or higher. Will be there for a few days cranking them out.


Wait… Are there new missions out with this expansion?? It’s been a long time since I’ve had any to do and I didn’t get any new ones in this latest expansion.

I don’t think so

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I’m a new player who has not finished all of the missions.

I’m going with no, not new missions.

I managed to get out of the amphibian mission, but only to find another similar mission. Now I need to have 30 carnivores at level 35. It looks like I will be at it for a week. I hope you have more carnivores than I do.

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Rats, I have maybe 25.

Edit: in between evolving and waiting for space, I’ve been putting out carnivores. So, I’ll have some evolving lag to work though, but I’ll be close.

I’m on evolving #24 of 25 right now and need to hatch two more for #25 to have 8 to get to level 40 too.

I’m close.


Don’t they realize how many carnivores I just hatched!?!?!

Pictures coming soon… next nasty mission… have 30million food.


Episode 45


Hey @Timmah, you’ve caught me up! I’ve been on that 35 carnivore mission for months now as I kinda lost my enthusiasm for them with that one. I had about 20 and started going backwards as I hybridised a whole lot of them. I think I got as low as 13 and just gave up caring whilst I concentrated on fleshing out the top end of my team.
Maybe this will get me going on missions again. Thanks for the screenshots they’ll come in handy I’m sure.

The bulk of my 30 came from 9 and 6 of the two common ones and the alangasasuas that I have 8 of for coin production. I want to make the ninth one of him now too.

This food one stinks, but maybe the trade harbor will be kind with a big trade for me.

Apato fossils will generally get you about a million food and Chanya will give me two or three trades a day for them (I only have those and Hammonds in my inventory)

I’m already doing that. :slight_smile:

Low blow the food hehe. Taking into account that we come from a mission of several amphibians and carnivores that practically have to be taken to level 40.

I still continue with the carnivores mission I have 6 left so I will stay a while longer in that mission. I will be aware of your captures to know what the game prepares. Cheers

This is just after the 30 million food one

Then comes this one

Then there is this.


That maze takes 27 hours to complete😒