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Story Mission - Episode 42, 43, 44, 45 Screen shots

Good job. I keep getting hung up on lots of stuff.

I mean, who needs 30 million food?

Wait until you have maxed food.

It’s good for trades at least… which is why I keep running out since I’ll take any DNA/LP/DB trade for food I get offered. And I finally got a coins for food offer today so was hoping to get out of the ditch… only for it to be one of those lame ones for only about 2 mil of food.

Is there a list of upcoming missions? I’m on level 42.

If you are on episode 42, scroll up. Park level 42 is not the same as episode 42 though. What episode are you on? (Or even the single mission?)

IDK the episode…but it’s not on this page

What is your last completed battle stage? That will kind of place the episode you are one.

Battle Stage 42 I think

For battle stage 42, I think you in the 20s for episodes.

This is the last one before 46.

The food one will be hard. I’ll start getting tons of food. Thanks for info.

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I spent a lot of time on that one.

I wasn’t willing to pass up on good trades for DNA or LP, so it was slow.

Didn’t you say that was the one before lvl 46? I thought Trade Harbor was unlocked at 50.

Wait episode 46 or lvl 46?

These are episode numbers and have no relation to park level.

I’m park level 90 working through these.

And now I 66 million food. Trade harbor giveth and taketh.