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Story Mission - Episode 46, 47, 48, 49, 50 Screen shots (ep48,49, 50 Indominus Rex hatch missions)

Episode 46


Episode 47


You’ve got to be kidding me, 7. I have 6 and it wants 7.

You read that right, 10. And they take a day to build. See you tomorrow.







I’m having a little trouble with that above post. I was merging screenshots between two iPads. I split one of the links, but it should have been a duplicate. I’m leaving the other duplicate so I don’t make it worse.

Thank you very much for continuing to upload the catches. They are very helpful in preparing the following missions. I’m still on the mission of 40 carnivores above lvl 25. And it will take a few days for the mission to feed the pterosaurus. Thank you

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I’m glad my posts & screen shots are helping. My whole second island is covered in buildings and a fair part of my primary island too. I want the space back, but than that 25K coins from helipads missions comes back again and well, I’m glad I kept my 5 of them.

Based on the last mission, keep a raptor and a dilophosaurus and a guanlong at just level 25 so you can feed them 3 times.


Here the fabled mission is in all of her glory in episode 48. Place a new born indominus Rex. I’m working on my second level 40 T. rex right now, so it will be a few days. I have 8 copies, just the evolve time.


First of at least three Indominus Rex that the missions force you to hatch!

Just imagine how fun these were to do before we HAD a second island.

The mission that held me up the longest was needing a level 31+ I-Rex or Indoraptor. Which it turns out they seemed to have changed the requirement down to just a level 21… but didn’t change the description on the mission.

Just don’t let missions cause you to make something before you are ready for it. It’s not worth it.


I’ll be ok with an I-Rex at level 10 (which is sub level 40 T-Rex). I’m fearing an I-Rex feeding mission, so I’m not sure if I’ll feed him yet though.

I’m actually hatching Gorgosuchus now (have 2). I’m just not leveling them up. Mostly because the cool down is already 8 hours. And my Dom battle plan is still 3x 7 hour windows to fight. (I’m organizing by cool down now.)

The end game dinos take a ton of DNA, but to me, right now, it is 1 hatch and no evolve for a top tier dino. You can’t beat that!

I don’t know how you end game players work with only using a dino once a day or every other day or so.

A couple of quests after the indominus rex quest, I found that I need 10 Jurassic Fall towers. And 3 missions later they ask me for a new indominus. I do not have enough DNA and I do not know if it worked 2 lvl 10 I take that evolution as a new one.

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Episode 49

Didn’t I just get stuck on this mission?


For the love of… another Indominus Rex hatch mission.


hehe, I’m just on that same mission, they mentioned that we would need 3 indominus rex,(merge 2 nvl 10 and I count myself as a new one, minus bad) I guess this is the last one. I’ll take advantage of hybrid discounts to get it.

Then you’ll need a 21+ (Mission says 31+, but @Mary_Jo and I got credit for 21) or an Indoraptor and a 40 (or an 11+ Indoraptor)


I am om that mission now. Hopefully a 21+ I Rex is correct, a 31 will screw up my lineup!

It worked three times that I know of: for @Mary_Jo, my son, and myself. That said, all three of those happened in a short time period, and there have been a couple of updates since then

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I hope they don’t change it back. That is much more appropriate challenge for that mission and where it comes up in the game.


A 21+ IRex will screw up my line up.

When I get to this mission, I’ll likely be on it for a long time.

Right now, I’m focusing on Ceno and Aquatic. I’ll still get a 3rd IRex for the above mission.

But once I get to the 21+ (or 31+), someone else may need to pick up posting screen shots.