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Story Mission - Episode 51, 52 Screen shots

Episode 51

I have all expansions unlocked, so it is checked right away.

Time to start working on Ceno I guess.

Post 1.44.6 update that may have tweaked some stuff.


Only one mission?

I’m not done with them yet. I post them as I complete them.

I think they all have 8.

I got it …

Good to have you back with the missions. I suppose you also retained the last mission of the IRex. I don’t know how good and deep your Cenozoic alignment is; but I would like to tell you that you need 3 lvl 40, both Cenozoic, legendary and hybrid, and win 3 battles with them Until there I was able to advance because they ask me for a Cenozoic that I do not yet have Indricotherium nvl 10. It will take me a couple of days to hatch it. Greetings and thanks.

Yeah, hatching those 7 day Dino’s take time.

My Ceno line up is neglected and weak.

I was planning to focus on it after aquatics can finish in dominator. I’ve heard good things about coins to ceno trades.

I do have 2 of the indricos at 10 though.

Ok, this latest mission stinks.

I’ve subscribed to clearing out all of my mods for better Trades.

I need 5 super rare mods. I’m not spending DB or DNA on it.

I’m just not getting any on rare coin spins for super rares, much less 5! (And after which, I have to battle to use up all of the mods)

Any tips?

Wills custom trade coins->mods yield super rares?

I just spent the DBs on them. It’s not like they cost that much. But I waited for the mod events on the weekends where SR mods would be the most helpful.

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Well, after my trade refresh, I now have a 66LP for two Inspire and 66DNA for two Spikes. I may do those and spend the 30DB for the 5th. (Or a rare spin first as I’ll need 6 to clear them all out.)

I’ll have to remember the weekends for next time this comes up, as I likely won’t be so luck with two such cheap trades at the same time again.

Good decision not to spend on mods; at least for now, you may already know that in a couple of missions you will need 20 common and 4 legendary. These last I obtained in the exchanges. What I did was maximize my coin production and use them to buy the mods. Now I am on a mission to bring my I-Rex to nvl 40. I did not share them, because I believe that the images in the English language will serve the community more than a translation. Excellent night

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Thanks for the heads up.

I’ll likely stop/not complete the I-Rex L40 mission. That is too strong for my line up.

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I just got a clone today from coins->mods trade.

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Episode 52.
I missed the title screen, it was up for maybe 1.5 seconds

And I just opened 2 land plots, 7 days to the next one…

I’m assuming that is a megalosaurus? It might be awhile before I hatch a bunch of 7 day Dino’s that I don’t want for a mission.


I think it should be that Cenozoic creatures.


Megaloceros, the Cenozoic reindeer/moose. Unlocked with Battle Stage 68. Other than Indominus rex and Indoraptor, many of these Isla Sorna missions involve Cenozoicand Aquatic creatures


Oh, that isn’t as bad. I was thinking typo at first.

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Does anyone know what the last 2 missions for Episode 53 are?

The cool knowledge spreadsheet is missing those two. They are called “Storm Clouds” and “Expanded Research”.

I’m evolving a L21 Megaloceros right now.

Started last night. I’m on the 4th attempt.

I’ll let you know soon. :wink:

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Episode 52 continued… (it’s been too long to edit above.)

Rumor has it this mission is really a L21 I-Rex


We actually do have screenshots of those two MIssions, assuming they haven’t changed