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Story Mission - Episode 51, 52 Screen shots

Rereading our previous discussion, it has been almost exactly 1 year (August 25, 2019) since I got to this Mission, and I’ve been on the Indoraptor Mission since March 15.


Next one up. I just needed sometime for the L21 I-Rex. It is L21 still.

Well, this is where I fall of the turnip truck.

It will be awhile before I make an Indoraptor or L40 I-Rex.


It’s good to know the missions get a bit more interesting at least.

Would be good if they had the mission number next to the one your currently on, after having the same task for about the 3rd or 4th time I just sort of gave up on them.

Heres where I’m at:

Like damn I swear there was only one Indominus in the film, and they want me to hatch another one? :joy:

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One’s in Mosasaurus’s stomach, the other is fused into Indoraptor.

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I hope I dont have to hatch another one as soon as I’ve completed this mission, ludia there are other creatures in the park you know? :sweat_smile:

There are 3 I-Rex hatch missions. All in the 40s episodes. I marked the title of the thread that has the screen shots for those missions.

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Thanks timmah, this must be the 3rd one I’m on then il take a look now