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Story mission missing

I completed a story mission and the next mission did not show up. I am about 3/4 way through park level 83 and cannot continue to progress due to the missing mission. Anyone else encountering this issue?

The mission is missing when I view the game on both my iPhone and iPad. I have the latest iOS and game updates. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game. This has been happening for about two weeks now. I have tried contacting support via the in-game chat but it is clear they are not actually reading my info based on the responses I’ve received.

See screenshot that shows there is no mission showing up.

It’s possible that you have completed all of the missions… this is currently the last mission:

so if this was the last mission you did there should be no further missions available to you. You can still gain experience through doing the daily missions, hatching creatures, placing decorations and or buildings in your park, completing Code 19s, completing battle events, and expanding your park.

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Thanks, I think you are right. I believe the mission you posted was the last one I remember completing. I think I saw the parks can go up to level 85 now so didn’t think the story missions would cut short with so much XP left to be earned to level up. Appreciate the help.