Story Mission Requirements

These are some of the story mission requirements I have encountered that take a while to acccomplish, but with proper planning can be done ahead of time, as opposed to collect x coins or feed such and such creature. This is by no means an exhaustive list and represents what I have encountered (and remembered)

1 level 40 Pteranodon
1 level 40 Shunosaurus
1 level 40 Dimorphodon
2 level 31+ T-rexes
2 level 40 Stegosaurus
3 level 40 Guanlongs
2 level 40 Nasutoceratops
25 level 31+ amphibians
30 level 35+ carnivores
have 30,000,000 food
2 level 35+ Pachycephalosaurus
2 level 35+ Dsungaripterus (paired with feed 15 pterasaurs)
1 level 35+ Carnotaurus (was 4 but changed mid-mission) (paired with feed a T rex and hatch an I rex)
75 level 31+ creatures (may be just Jurassic)
100 buildings
Place a Priotrodon
Have 70 level 40 dinosaurs

These are mostly in the order I encountered them, but Shunosaurus and Pteranodon are out of order, I think. (Edited: No longer. They are in the correct order)


OMG, this is SO helpful, thanks! I just got through one for 25 amphibians (or was it 35?) but it didn’t have any level requirement, so was super easy for me to complete after having gotten so many commons during the couple of weeks with that commons prize wheel, I was 3 amphis short, but still haven’t hatched them all out yet so easy to finish it up. 25 at level 31+ though, yikes! Looks like I have a little more than half of those but have a bunch of others at level 30 so shouldn’t be too hard to complete. Already have 23 of the carnivores so pretty close on that already. Everything else I have or am very close to but having this list is particularly helpful as I would have been making hybrids with some of these once I had two of them at level 40, so I’ll know to hold off until I hit these missions.

I’m surprised the T-rex though would have come up sooner than some of the others that are much lower in rarity. Maybe that one also out of order?


I am stocked at the moment in a mission to feed a Stegoceratops 5 times. Since I do not want to buy one and Stegosaurus is very very rare to get this is gonna take a long while.
However I am not very interested in those mission any more, so I don’t really care.

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That’s the same one you mentioned before on the forums, isn’t it? That was a month or so ago, and as I recall, it also had to be a level 31+ stego? But yeah, I guess once you reach level 75 the missions aren’t all that important. I’m level 67 so the experience for completing them definitely is a big bonus for me (my OCD makes me want to finish everything regardless though!)

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the 2 T-rex’s are apparently around level 66 i’d copy the page but i’d probably have to edit since the language is probably not allowed

I guess ViP means you level quicker than a non ViP cause i’m only level 62 and around the same mission as you i’m currently on collect 250k from communication stations , place a hammond statue and have 50 decorations

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You can be right, I remember there was a mission with two 31+ Stegosaurus which was a pain and now I am again struggling with them.

I heard there gonna be missions asking for a certain number of critters at a certain level. Do those hurt?

Take a look at my last post, yes they hurt because I am not willing to spend DNA to buy the required “critters”. If you do so those missions could take very long.
I remember a mission that required 2 T-Rex lvl 30+. It took months for me and if I kept them I could succeed in the anniversary mission today. But I evolved them to an Indominus Rex and now I’m sucked.

Wow I really could’ve used this when I still had missions to complete!! Cool post!

sighs I miss missions, they were really fun in this game.

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The ones that I find annoying are all these ones that want you to collect a certain amount of coins from specific building types… always ones that no one would be likely to still have hanging around in their park at level 65+. So I have to first build them all again, and then spend days collecting coins from them. So tedious. Soon as I’m done, I sell them all off again.

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This is the reason I’ve kept buildings on my island, I’ve currently at level 65 got a mission to collect 50k from power generators and Pterosauria Cineplex’s(only had 1 and nearly 17 hour build time) with a 18% bonus, and it wasn’t that long ago i had to collect from security towers(these i don’t keep).i now keep at least 2 expansions ready just in case they are needed as well as i don’t want to wait 2+ days for them to finish

Im using the gamespot list that’s posted above, I kept meaning to post it here but didnt get round to it

I didn’t do any missions for ages because I stopped doing the battle stages thinking they were increasing difficulty, now Ive started again I ran into a big problem with the 2 x T-Rex’s and its taken me a long time to level them up - so frustrating as Im trying to use my incubation chambers for actual creatures I need, not 16 T-Rex’s!! I’m now nearly complete on the Stegosaurus x 2 and have saved my T-rex’s to make the indominus x 2 in future missions and have many of the future mission requirements in place - I’m saving a whole load of common lv1 in the asset repository for the feeding missions

I should sail though now, I cannot wait to finish these and get rid of the buildings - they drive me bonkers

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Bud, you’re not alone in not completing these mission tasks. I don’t have my 2x T-Rexes at level 40 either (40-30-20 is where I’m at, I think). These tasks are more irritating than anything else. My approach is kinda like Tommi’s, as in not buying dinos for the sake of completing these tasks. When discounts roll around, if I’m in a good mood, I might, but mostly, no. You can always come back to these when you’ve built a solid battle team and are bored. :grinning:


I am desperate to lose some buildings though, they are really restrictive and stop me laying things out the way I want and my beacons are taken up collecting from them

I don’t want to get rid of them until the missions are complete as the missions demand buying them and waiting for days until they’re completed. Now Ive got the steggies, the rest of the dinos to buy for the missions are rare so its not too much of a drag having to buy and hatch them, The TRex one nearly did me in - at least I can get 2 indominus now though, after my stash of level 1 velociraptors have been fed 45 times. EYE ROLL.

also, I’m too impatient to wait.

But you don’t have to lose any buildings or decorations. You can put them in the storehouse the same way as dinos and if you need them for a mission you can place them again temporarily in your park.

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Just don’t sell or trade them

Tommi’s correct. So long as you don’t trade those buildings away, you can reinstate them right away whenever needed with zero wait time.

True and placing the first one goes towards the build missions (if you have to build) only problem is having them in storage affects the trade harbour

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In what way?

When you have a building in storage it can gets added to the trade harbour like this

but if you place the building it will vanish from the trade harbour.