Story Missions - Episode 55








8 (final):

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I’ve added all the mission names to the spreadsheet… I think this will help people figure out more easily where they are in the progression.

Is there a place where I can see all the missions?

This is the best thread we have on them:

We’re working on trying to put together a comprehensive listing on my data spreadsheet referenced here:

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Oh I see…
I have seen this already but as the missions were for higher lvl, i didnt pay much attention, but thanks anyway :smiley:
Btw, the mission i am currently on is probably the most boring one I had since i stopped playing in 2018 and it consist on having 100 dinos :sweat_smile:
I spent the last 2 days hatching random dinos. (5 more to 100)
I remember that I stopped playing this game in 2018 because I had a mission that consisted in feeding a trex i believe but mine was already lvl 10 so I couldnt do it… and had no way of getting another one… got so frustated that i stopped playing the game until last week :joy:
for some reason, when i started last week, the mission was completly different and really easy ( i read something about an update that changed some missions because they could make a player get stuck for quite a long time)
Hope I dont get another one like that one within a week or two

If you don’t mind, take screen shots of your missions and post them similar to what @Sionsith did above


I dont, of course. I just dont know which episode it is. I will take and when i get to the next one I will know


Can’t wait for the next one