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Story mode advanced w/o reward

Earlier today I started on the Alpha of a zone (can’t remember its name but it’s before the Marshland). I manage to take down most of it’s health but I set aside my game so I can regain the energy to finish it off. I returned to story mode a few minutes ago to finish what I started and collect my reward (a premium dragon recruitment), instead the game enters “cutscene” and moves onto the next zone leaving the Alpha undefeated and me without my reward.

A bunch of people already made posts about this. It’s a common issue. Contact support and they should refund you the premium token you weren’t given.

Eh, the other posts were about defeating the Alpha and get promoted with no reward. This one is a little different, as in @Syndrrin might not have been allowed to enter the battle at all, just got promoted with no rewards.

@Syndrrin I suggest you don’t keep playing on the map quests for 2-3 days to not complicate things for you, then support will contact you with some solution. That is provided you have already sent them a review, be it in-game or via mail.

Bad advice and this is then same bug. Keep playing. You’ll get the token (sadly none of the other rewards)

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Hey Syndrrin, could you email our support team here at with your support key so our team can assist you?