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Story Mode

The Story Mode has you pick any 3 creatures (which will be at level 30) and pits you in a series of games against other creatures. In this gamemode, swapping causes the AI to skip a turn, so you can save your creatures rather easily. At around the end, your party’s lead creature (alone) will be pit in a “rival battle.” Some rivals in the apex-epic rarity:

Gorgotrebax-Haast Maximus
Smilodon-Woolly Mammoth

Some sound one sided, but they won’t be. Stats would be equalized to 5000 hp, 500 dmg, and the same speed, and no armor or crit chance. As well, immunity to distraction, speed reduction, and 50% to dot and vulnerable. How this rival battle will work is both will recieve a random draw of the following move types

A strike
An impact
A rampage
A buffing move

This comes down to luck, and you can retry as much as you want until victory. There are a lot of mixups to go through.

Afterwards, your party will fight a weird variant of Lord Lythronax, a much larger one, who will attack every 2 turns. It would have 40000 hp and 3000 dmg, along with a very tricky 50% crit chance. Its speed will also be 100, so yes, you can outspeed it. Attacks will happen regardless of swaps. It will be crit reduce immune, 75% dot resistant, 67% distract resistant, resistant, 50% vuln resistant, and 50% rend resistant. Its armor will be 30. The move will always be a definite rampage, and would have a nerfed variant of counter power heal that would heal 500 of its hp. Yes, the battle is very much meant to be difficult normally.

For that reason, your selected creatures will be 20/20/20 boosted. As well, any and all buffs will be carried into your next team member. With enough mix-ups, you can win.

Victory prizes 7500 cash, a premium incubator, 1M coin, and 1000 of each boost. And an achievement that gives 500 cash. After completing it for the first time the prizes will downgrade to 2000 coin, 25 cash, and 10 of each boost.

And that is the story mode concept, very complicated the way I described it, but it is meant to give some life and be basically a challenge for players to get some rather short term riches.


Nice I like it. It’s definitely an interesting concept and sounds hard to beat, but I think it’s an interesting and cool concept. and I’d hope maybe at one point it might be implemented into the game. Also how often do we get to do the story mode? And do the rewards get restarted when the story mode comes again? like does it come once every week? or once every two weeks? or is it just the one time and then the rewards don’t reset? Or do we have access to the story mode all the time and once you beat it the one time the rewards just go down in value and just stay the same afterwards?

Avalliable at all times, the first-time completion bonus will be there then it will drop in value for rewards (although it could be easier after the first time if necessary)

Also happy cake day

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Cool :+1: was just curious about that, and yeah the boss should probably be made a bit easier if the rewards are going to decrease by a bit. And thanks very much I didn’t notice it was my cake day until a little while ago lol :joy: