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Story of Local #1


Ludia, what’s the point of using a scent at all?
I am not asking for Epics/Rares to show up for my 5 minute scent, but at least some random common would be really appreciated.

Please improve your spawn mechanics before losing your player base.


I agree with you BUT the immediate threat of leaving the game lol what a great way to offer feedback. Next time please just offer your opinion and stop it with the ominous threats about everyone leaving as if you’ll take a massive following with you, there’s no reason for it.


Yep, that’s how about 90% of my common scents are going right now. Great game design, Ludia. :+1:

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I might not be taking a massive following with me. But for sure, people will not be liking a spawn since 1.5. And I am not giving a threat. This is what it is.


And u complain about local 1… Obviously u have never heard of local 4. What do we get here? hmmm, how about 20 suchomimus per square meter without using scent, some useless koola, and the worst epics to be in any local. Raja, Koola, Grypo, and Gorgosuchus…


Ill agree with l4 epic issues it was a terrible call and Ive even said in many threads that as a l1 player id rather they have moved kentro to the parks then anky as kentro only used for tryko and anky is used in rajanky.

But this particular issue affects all players no matter what local they are from since no matter what local your in one common dominares all spawns.


A level 30 Suchotator would be much better than a level 30 Majungasuchus. Give me those suchomimus’s. I have 138,918 Majungasaurus’s. I’ve just about enough to get to level 26 from level 11.



It’s free real estate.

Yeah this is what I deal with in L1 as well same goes with the other zones, although its actually mostly irritator gen 2 (makes sense cause it is irritating…) and nunda-freaking-suchus.that I deal with. lol



Looks like the majunga spawned, you didn’t catch it so nothing else spawned. Doesn’t look like a good location to run a scent. Should also see deino and dimet gen 2 there unless you have already caught them.

I hunt an L1 whenever I can play during the day. I don’t just run a scent anywhere in the local. I found a place where there are a lot of deino in the wild and I run my common scents there. I catch a lot of them this way. Obviously I catch dimet gen2 and majunga as well with the occasional dilo.

I found a place in L2 that had 2 wild draco gen 2. I run common scents there now and get a lot of them there along with other junk from that local. At night I go back to this place and run epic scents and get ourano and sometimes secondo. However, I don’t see pyroraptor or draco gen 1 at this location. I have another location close by where they spawn and I run rare and epic scents there for them.

The scents seem to help a lot. You just have to find the right place to run them. I’m not expert. This is just from my experience but I learnt most of this from this guy @Idgt902. He’s one of if not the most knowledgeable player in the game.



Indeed he is!


If I use a scent at home I wait until very late at night, otherwise it’s just an einosaurusfest. Lame.


I do the same. I am trying to find Velociraptor as much as I can using scents. But most of the time(evening/night) I end up with Majunga… I am really sick of it. Even if I try Rare scent, I usually get more than 3 Majungas(even while walking).

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I’ll req majunga and you req eino and at least we can turn them into coinnnnnnssss. :money_mouth_face:


That works. Every day, one out of my two requests would be Eino.


Y’all will be sorry when Majung gets buffed to be the next Indoraptor killer.

sitting on 100k.


I’ve got 78k majunga and 128k einio…whatchyoo got @Sammie ?


Wow, that’s a huge amount. I am just holding like 22k Majunga and around 12k Einio…


#darteverything :crazy_face::rofl:


I am also in Local 4 and yes it sucks I do hope that Ludia can change the scents to apply to all dinos rather that region specific.

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