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Story with Rory (or Garrett)

All I have to say is ow my heart :sob:


Oh, man, I’m not there, yet! Like…in a good way?? :pleading_face::crossed_fingers:

In an understandable way (all I can say without any spoilers)… Is it rose petals no, but is it a legitimate ‘drama’ yes, does it lead to a mature conversation and ending till the next update yes again.

I don’t want to spoil anything so all I’ll say is that I’ll wait and see how things go

Thank you, both! He’s one of the one’s I’m willing to throw diamonds at, so waiting for them to build :sweat_smile:

Im heart broken! :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: I get it, its definitely the right thing to do, but I hate it and I want him back!! :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

Also…why did his story have to end but needy, whiny Antoine who is never coming home, is still going?

I just want Garrett back forever! His story is so beautiful and everything finally clicked into place! :sob::sob::sob::sob:

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I don’t think it’s completely ended. At least I hope it’s not.

They keep bringing back the same characters and I don’t mind too much but I’d like to continue with other characters too…

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I know it isn’t the end. Just for this story block.

Im hoping for marco and blake soon.

Antoine keeps coming back and Im done with him. He just wants a navigator and therapist, not a gf/bf. Theres a reason long distance relationships don’t work. This story is going nowhere.


I do kind of like Antoine but not how he keeps finding reasons to stay away. Is he afraid of committment? :thinking: I miss Blake and Jaden. I feel like we didn’t get anywhere before Blake went offline for an eternity. I also want to continue with Dr. Vile and Cpt. Muffin :sob:

Well…turns out these stories are gonna be short…soo…savor them while you can…one story just finished…good ending but its weird how much you will miss fictional characters.