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Storyline Updates?

Hi, I just started playing a few days ago and I’m hooked! I already have 4 matches who have gone offline temporarily, which I guess means I’ve gotten to the end of their storyline so far. Is there anyway to find out if updates are going to be coming out soon to the storylines? I’d also like to know if the unmatchable profiles will be updated with storylines and be able to be matched with later on? Thanks so much for creating such an awesome app, I’m looking forward to continuing the stories with my matches!


Other than maybe the newsletter telling you if any updates, there doesn’t seem to be a release schedule or word of who is being updated soon and when other than to keep checking.

The people who can’t be matched with will become available in the future once their storylines are released, presumably.

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Thank you! Where can I sign up for the newsletter?

1 Like is where you can sign up for it.


Awesome, I just signed up. Thanks!

I am in the same position. Most of the people are on break… It’s kind of frustrating not knowing. LOL

Thank you for the info about the Newsletter.


Yeah, hopefully we’ll see an update soon for existing and/or new characters. But I understand writing the stories, plus having to write some branching dialogue options, takes a lot of time. I’m sure the writers are doing their best!


Oh yeah!!! I can only imagine.
I am just bored at home and being impatient. :unamused::smile: I love this game and the whole concept of it.


Yeah, I appreciate how different it is from other VN-like apps (although there are a coupe really great ones). I’m looking forward to an update with more content for Lovelink though with baited breath.

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I have not seen any newsletters or info anywhere else regarding when more content will be added for characters. ALL of mine are on break.
Any idea what I can do to find out when different conversations may continue??

We don’t have any exact or estimate dates for when or who will have content updated/added, so all we can do is be patient. But the writers are hard at work to bring an update soon, I’m sure!

You can sign up for the newsletter at, but so far nothing has been sent out through it. I don’t think it’s for update announcements but rather for when and if there are other major changes coming to the app, for instance.

You can also try matching with other characters in the mean time even if you aren’t that interested in them as a way to get some free diamonds when you level up the relationships and to ride you over.

So it’s normal don’t having any update for a while? Because I don’t have update about Wyatt for like 4 days and now for all my matchs I just have Noah Cruz.

Missing everyone :cry: but yeah I’m going to be patient thanks!

ps: sorry for my english it’s not my first language I just can read wall

Yeah, it usually takes a couple weeks at least before there’s an update with more story content so just hang in there!

Oh thank you! I’m going to wait. I was afraid that I got the wrong rout and decisions :pensive:

I don’t think you can make the “wrong choices” so to speak since I’ve been trying that with a couple characters to see if they would unmatch with me with no success, so I wouldn’t worry too much about how you reply to them. The situation always seems to somehow correct itself when you upset a character anyway.

Thanks for this! I am new to the game and just hit my first storyline end, I’m sad because it is my favourite :joy: I will have to match with people I’m not interested in once I’ve played out my other matches for gems!

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Spoilers Warning
I started this game a few weeks ago and got massively hooked. Problem is, I’ve read almost ALL of the dude storylines and they’re at the “will be back soon,” phase. No idea when they’ll be back. I’ve tried to match with some dude plotlines I know I haven’t done yet, but won’t match. Do you really have to change your sign to match with them? I’ve literally run out of storylines, and started to match with some of the gal plotlines. I just want my zombie apocalypse, Iditarod, Photographer, and Musical Idol plotlines to finish up! I need to know what happens!

Changing your sign doesn’t do anything, that’s just something fun for you. You may not be able to match with other guys because all storylines are shared by at least one other character in addition to the one you matched with, and because of this you are unable to match with those other characters who share the storyline (aka “counterparts”). For example, if you matched with Noah you will be unable to match with Antoine as they have the exact same story with the same dialogue and so on. There are other guys who simply have no story content available yet and therefore you cannot match with them.

I have the same problem. I was really invested in several stories, but then the wait for updates cooled my interest and I stopped playing for basically the entire month of October. Unfortunately it seems pretty common. New matches are fun, but updates on existing ones are what I most look forward to.

Jumping off what you were saying I just haven’t played since everyone’s away though I feel the lack of interest for sure and my attention has been pulled elsewhere. But also I no longer care about sales or anything as I don’t buy diamonds because of all the errors and slow updates. I neither have a need to replenish them nor do I feel a desire to anyway since they end up sitting there unused for the most part anyway. They also always happen when people are away for me too.

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