I remember that when this game first started, there was some level of storytelling to the gameplay. Exclusive supply drops used to exist. Brachiosaurus first appeared in Apple stores in Canada. What happened to this type of stuff? Did it not pay well enough? Granted, I realize that doing this ins the middle of a pandemic is a little hard, but batlling makes no sense against the DPG mission statement. How can we bring back good storytelling?

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Turn achievements into actual story goals. Example:

An old friend:

Unlock the Indominus Rex

After completing such missions, you get a reward and progress in the story. Perhaps through battling, the DPG can observe the dinos in combat and calculate how to protect them securely. Also, add an explanation saying that no dinosaurs are harmed in the arenas as it is just a realistic simulation.


Perhaps we can have a rival bioengineering company creating these Boss creatures, which are very dangerous and unstable, and it is our job to stop these creatures before they get out of hand.