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Strains in JWTG

So I was inspired The Isle on strains and so what if there’s strains in the game like strains will be their own separate creatures just like Gen 2s but will have a new model entirely edited from the base Gen 1 model. They could make one up of use one in the Isle like Hypos or a Neuro. To me I’d like to see a Hypo Rex in JWTG or even a Hypo Spino. I will make some strains of my own.

I disagree with the idea based off 2 reasons:

  1. This is basically what Gen 2s are.
  2. We still have massive gaps in this game that need filling, these are nice-to-haves not need-to-haves.

Wouldn’t that be too much fantasy stuff, though?

idk since the Isle did it