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Strange battle screen in Jurassic Ruins

So, I’m in a battle that times out. I get the startup screen, then head back to the battle. When I click on the battle button I get this screen and can zoom in and out of it. However, I couldn’t get out of that screen without exiting and rebooting the game.



whoa that’s crazy! also it looks like you linked a pic in between another pic. :wink:

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That was an oops. LOL

Looks pretty cool IMO :astonished:. However, could you email those screenshots to our team here at along with your support key so they can take a closer look? Thanks!

Trying to send the files now. I did already contact support through the game as well.

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Has anyone had the same experience? Screenshot_20190502-163619_JW%20Alive
I did a battle of the striketower and when I returned to the map, I got this.
I closed the map and re-opend it and it was back to normal.

One of my alliance member shared this pic on discord.

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One more. Looks like Jurassic ruins arena

It does look that way, I’m in Ruins also. :thinking:

At first I thought my phones screen was broken. Fortunatly that was 't the case

Simulation theory: confirmed :white_check_mark:


Went to battle in lockwood and this is what I get. This game is so bugged out now. Pretty fun restarting the game over and over.

In the clouds uh?

Actually cool to see what it looks like from a higher perspective!