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Strange battle with a lvl 13 player


Just finished a battle with this person. I thought maybe at first it was a arena dropper just trying to get losses to go back, but when I looked at his profile he already has zero trophies (possible visual glitch). But shouldn’t the common dinos he is using should be a higher lvl even if he was only using them for hybrids? What do y’all think is going on here? (Edit. Fought him in the Sorna Marshes)


His arena is trainig grounds LOL, i dont know how can you battle against him… What arena are you?

In theory there is a tuto where you win your first 60 trophies


I’m in the Sorna Marshes.


Picked a team for friendly battle and forgot to reset for the arena?


But look at his arena! that symbol is for training grounds!


It’s the levels of the dinos that are really strange to me. Most of the other things can be explained by visual glitches and purposely losing. Any of y’all who have made it to Sorna and beyond have such low lvls of those specfic dinos?


I know whats happened. Try to reboot (i dont know the word) (on->off->on) your phone and see if you can see the trophies. Maybe is a glitch as you say, and we can see his true league. So maybe its an arena dropper in that case

My common dinos are at 5


Oh yeah. Definate arena dropper. Here he is without the visual glitch and he switched his team.


He/She just want the rex from sona marshes!


I hope they can tweak the battle system so arena dropping isn’t nessicary. Picking what incubator we can go for would be nice without overwhelming lower tier players would be a welcome change.


Good luck to them! :joy:


Yep, there goes the benefit of the doubt. If someone wants to drop arenas, fine, but use an appropriately leveled team once you get there! People were suggesting a limit on the dino level allowed in each arena. May be a good idea. Would probably have to divide up Sorna, too—start arena 8 at 3500 and create arena 9 at 4000.