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Strange damage / distraction situation

Hello there,

just to mention a strange situation just happened.

I was fighting against a lvl 17 Gorgosuchus.
I had a lvl 17 Purutaurus in play.
I decide to use the Instant Distraction (reduces 90% damage from next attack); the Gorgo then attacks with its best strike (can’t recall the name, however is 2x damage) and hits my dino with 1.450 damages.
It was NOT a critical, although Gorgo was under the effect of “increased attack” bonus by its other skill.

Maths here is easy. If that damage hadn’t been reduced by 90%, it would have been 14.500, that is quite impossible I think, especially because I had already sustained other attacks from that dino during the same battle and it surely hadn’t any out-of.the-world damage value (even with “damage increased” effect on).

How can this be explained?
It’s not very important, as the Purutaurus survived and killed it in response, it’s just for my curiosity.


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The math doesn’t work for L17 Gorgo, but are you sure he didn’t use cleansing impact?

Instant distraction only affects base damage. It doesn’t factor in ferocious strike.


Tbh Gorgosuchus hits like a truck.

Aaah, well, that’s surely the explanation.
I am sure he didn’t use cleansing impact.

Would you recommend to invest boosts and levels in a Gorgosuchus?
Seems powerful but lacks resistance, in general.

It’s a situational creature. If you do use it, it’s one where it needs to be set up to do well. With a ferocious strike+ DSR+ crit, mine does 8108 damage. Only problem is when the opponent has a magna or a procerath.

In your opinion, would be better to invest on a good Gorgosuchus or a good Postimetrodon?


Gorgo, the nerf to posti was too much.

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The distraction and ferocious add up.

50% increase from ferocious
90% decrease from distract

50+ (-90) = -40% so overall 40% decrease

say base damage is 1000, the attack will do 600
a x2 attack will do 1200