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Strange Evening


Usually when I go home from work in the evening, I only encounter common dinos (nundasuchus, majungasaurus, allosaurus, sarcosuchus & velociraptor). And sometimes rare dinos like gorgosaurus or dimetrodon. But this evening what I found at wild are different dinos :

1x amargasaurus
2x charlie
5x nodosaurus
4x utahraptor

1x gorgosuchus
1x pyroraptor

Even in the morning when I was looking for special event dino nodopatosaurus before work, I encountered with :
1x rajasaurus and
2x secodontosaurus

Is this global dino migration event from Ludia or just my lucky day? How about you?


Could still be part of the migration, but you’re having an extremely lucky day, regardless!

I was astonished when I opened the game yesterday evening and found a Nodopatosaurus AND a Nodosaurus within an arm’s throw of my house, both in the same spot. Thought I was hallucinating or something at first :grin: