Strange goings on!

So, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my journey so far but have an issue that someone else may throw a bit of light on! I have on several occasions whilst seeking and collecting coins, darts & DNA abruptly whisked away to somewhere near a coast or even sea!?! This meant that I would lose anything that I was collecting at that time. I then had to wait for several minutes for my navigation bearings to realise that I was in an unknown area before being whisked backed to my original residence!

Has anyone out there experienced this please? If so, please let me know what happened and why as I’m baffled and somewhat annoyed.


Hey Fusionsaurus1963, it seems that the GPS signal on your device is jumping around on your map. There are some troubleshooting from our FAQ here that might help fix this:

Also, try restarting your game when that happens and see if it refreshes your location. If you’re still having issues, do not hesitate to reach out to our support team here at with your support key.