Strange overhead view of Arena battle at Nublar Shores

I started what I thought was a TOURNEY battle today and it started an ARENA battle with an overhead view of the battle - no health/buttons/timer, etc - just a different view of the battle. Some aspects (could zoom in/out, and there was a beacon) were like I was on the map.

Area is was found in:
Nublar Shores

How do you reproduce the bug:
Cannot reproduce.

How often does it happen:
First time this has happened, although a while back I hit a similar glitch in Gyrosphere Depot where I could view an overhead of that arena location, but no battle taking place.

What type of device are you using:
Apple iPhone 8, iOS 13.3.1

Video link of the issue:


Pretty weird, never seen a glitch like this EVER. Looks cool though

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This happened to me once, when I was in SS arcadia. It has been really weird

Had it in Lockwood estate. But it’s been ages ago…

This was almost a year ago but I kept the picture