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Strange party bug. I got two clerics

Look at the strange party that it gave me. I dragged the cleric, wizard, ranger and fighter but this is what it gave me.

The most OP group EVER!! :slight_smile:
did it also work in battle or just in menu?

The twinning is cute, but I’ll pass this along to dev’s and Ned regardless.

I can only imagine the crazy heals in that party. :laughing:
Does restarting your game fixes this?

It worked in actual game use for that entire session. When I quit the game and came back later it was fixed.

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I am personnaly using the amulet with 50% damage increase for the entire party.
I am trying to imagine the kind of damage this could throw out!
My warlock’s boots hit for 250%. With a proc chance at the start of a turn to get 25% bonus dmg.
I am not sure how the maths would turn out, but it would probably look like:`
932-1396 (base damage)
1864 - 2792 (with both amulet buffs of 50% each, which does 100%)

an extra 25% off the Dragon’s Ire (legendary wondrous item) that is probably counted on the top of the constant buff, the same way Tommy’s defense procs always counts off the defense he has at the moment and not the base defense).
2330 - 3490

and then! i need to proc my 75% to do a 250% dmg attack. This would bring the damage to:
5825 - 8725
And Finally, imagine a crit with this!
11650 - 17450

This has the potential to 1 shot literally all the bosses :stuck_out_tongue:

Without the double amulet, and sometimes not the proc, i’ve 1 shot all 3 bosses of the first and second dungeon. Only 2 bosses on the third dungeon. But still, thats progress :smiley:

** I’ve also didn’t take into account the difference between the ATK - DEF values, and also the defense reductions spells.

@deathmessia, which amulet gives all party members 50% extra damage?

I just looked at it again, and it’s 25%
It must have been nerfed in a previous patch and i didn’t notice.

awww man, now i’m sad :frowning:

Health bar seems to change color sometimes:

@deathmessia, that’s attack as well - not damage bonus.