Strange spawns in L3!


Just now, I was in my home L3 area hunting for Raja when I saw a Meglo (L1) and a Kapro (night) spawn. Just wondering if both are just coincidences, or if spawn mechanics have changed. I hope so, because L3 is the worst.


As far as Kaprosuchus goes…there’s always a small chance that a creature will spawn outside of the “normal hours” that it’s more liable to spawn. So if you’re lucky, you can spot a night spawn during the daytime. It’s pretty rare, though.

Since Megalosaurus was featured in this week’s event, its spawn rate might have been increased ever so slightly–providing more chances for players to encounter it in the wild, not just at event drops. That’s my prediction, anyway… but a nice sighting, regardless!


Thanks! That makes sense. I’ve always noticed that event dinos also tend to spawn (wild) more frequently near event stops. Got lucky today. I am desperately hoping they do chance spawn mechanics though.


I came across a Kentrosaurus in L3 today, even though it’s an L1 spawn…


I wonder if it keeps up. It would be nice to see a change.


L3 is the worst I hate living in it :joy: I saw a para a few days ago but nothing since.


I cant be the only person who saw the picture and thought “RUN BIGBIRD, RUN”


Here I found a diplocaulus gen 2 in L1 and no park… :thought_balloon:


kaprosuchus is a global spawn, so it can be anywhere.
i’m in L3, but about once a week a dilophosaurus will spawn in the same spot.
think it just gltiches sometimes.


We need a local spawn rotation!

Yes, I’m in L3 in case you were wondering :roll_eyes:


I live in Zone 2 but I never see the good stuff from that zone :joy: I’m a street away from Zone 4 but when there all I see are Koolasuchus. My work is Zone 3, shockingly I see Erlikosaurus and Tuojiangosaurus, things I actually need :scream:

I am wearing my tinfoil hat today


I also saw a Touji in L1 today. The thing that was interesting about the kapro I saw, was that it was at lunch time. It’s generally a night spawn. It was just a rare coincidence seeing kapro spawning at the same time the meglo spawned in L3. I thought there was some unannounced update…rather, praying for one.


I am in the same boat.
If they don’t do local group spawn, they might soon lost most of L3 players.
Those creatures spawning here are really pointless.


I think they increased the chance of locals from other zones spawning… seeing alot of people reporting a stray dino or two but nothing that indicates a full migration.


I’ll take a stray.