Strange that top player in seasonal pvp tourney is higher than full lvl 30 teams below him

While he/she has a team level of 26/27…

Very strange.


Boosts and good RNG are all it takes.


Don’t forget the horrible matchmaking!


It’s not so much matchmaking as the lower level teams gain 40 trophies for a win but only drop 20 for a loss. Easy to keep up when you only need to win over 33% of the time.

Very true. Still set up the same way as before. We battle each other while other teams get favorable matchups and shoot past us. Guess Ludia will never change. At this point I am close to being finished


Nothing changed with the matchmaking algorithm. The only noticeable change is the amount of trophies won or lost. Low level teams do not have to fight the heavy hitters that surround them on the leaderboard. They can freely do whatever they want because Ludia shuns high level unique teams.


It’s not strange at all as that person isn’t getting matched with the top teams with full level 30 Dino’s so can climb easy enough it would be a different story if matchmaking was the same as 1.6


At a certain point team power shouldn’t matter. It should match you solely on the amount of trophies you have. To get that high you have to have a beefy team regardless. IMO once you hit 5k trophies the hand holding, match-making mechanic should be turned off.

We can thank boosts for all of this. Boosts have nearly destroyed every great aspect of the arena. The amount of incompetence and greed on Ludias end is staggering. Next time you want to implement a game changing, monetizable mechanic, how about you give it some more thought Ludia? Please? Think about the longevity of the game and not just the quick cash you can score.


I’ve been having some fun going through the leaderboard and finding the anomalies like this one:


It seems that those teams with lower level but boasted dinos get passed max level boosted teams without even battling once . That’s very true as confirmed by our team. We at ApexPredators haven’t even matched with the #1 ranked right now … and there were always players in our team battling the whole day.

This is likely due to current matchmaking algorithms and obviously IS NOT WORKING WELL. I think it’s better for matchmaking to be based on current trophies starting 5k. Players who reached that range definitely has a very strong team to reach that level.

Ludia needs to look into this. @Jorge


That doesn’t mean they battle with it, sometimes they use those for strike events.


Yeah, i thought matchmaking had been adjusted but it doesn’t seem that way anymore. I managed to climb pretty easily from 4500 to 4700 (which seemed like a big change since i struggled endlessly at 4500), but my recents are still all 5000 to 5300. How can i properly climb when i never face people at my trophy level ever? This season is totally bogus.

Possibly, but I imagine the more complex the matchmaking, the more likely there will be ways to exploit it, and players will find how.

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What a disgusting team, if we can call that a “team”… more of a sacrificial unit for the rat to come and go…


Something did change with 1.8 though. I won my first 19 matches on the first day and shot up 618 trophies. Close to where I was before 1.7.



:rofl::rofl: hey friend

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Yes, i hv not ever battled with No 1 too. Enshimaz here

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Man your rinex is scary :scream:

Haha, really enjoyed battled with u guys